Swung dash in LaTeX

There’s a character called a “swung dash”, which is like a long, gently wavy hyphen. In Unicode it’s U+2053, and if your font supports it, it might look like ⁓. In some fonts it looks a bit flat, I think.

I was asked recently to implement one in LaTeX. Checking the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List there is just a simple reference to use a mathematical \sim, but \sim isn’t quite the same. It’s a much curvier shape, and just doesn’t look right.

\sim compared to \swungdash
\sim compared to \swungdash

So, here’s my alternative command. Basically it’s just an extra-big tilde pulled down a bit. It’s not dramatically different, but it’s closer to what I think it should be, and the person asking for it is happier with it:

You’ll need to include the graphics or graphicx packages to make the \raisebox work.

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