Using a Raspberry Pi as a lightweight JetDirect interface

Posted on Thu 23 April 2020 in IT • Tagged with linux, networks, printing

At home I've got a B&W LaserJet 1160, probably from around 2006-ish, that's not networked. I've also got a first-generation Raspberry Pi running Pi-hole. The Pi doesn't have enough RAM to also handle print jobs and prepare them for the printer, but it is able to be a super-simple …

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How to get to old SSLv3 interfaces now that browsers are dropping it?

Posted on Wed 23 September 2015 in IT • Tagged with networks

SSLv3 is broken, and you shouldn't use it any more. However, there's still lots of old hardware with embedded web interfaces that use it, like air conditioners, UPSs and other stuff. Essentially this hardware has been abandoned by their manufacturers, and there's no hope of there being a firmware update …

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RTNETLINK answers: File exists

Posted on Mon 02 February 2015 in IT • Tagged with linux, networks

While setting up a second bridge for virtual machines on an Ubuntu server, I ended up with this error:

# ifup br1

Waiting for br1 to get ready (MAXWAIT is 3 seconds).
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
Failed to bring up br1.

I found lots of different explanations and possibilities described, but …

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