Unicode flags

Posted on Mon 06 August 2018 in IT • Tagged with unicode

Unicode, despite having room for it, does not have a table of national flags. Instead they created a set of 26 "Regional Indicators", from U+1F1E6 ('REGIONAL INDICATOR SYMBOL LETTER A') to U+1F1FF ('REGIONAL INDICATOR SYMBOL LETTER Z') (See the "Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement" code chart). Putting two of these …

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Swung dash in LaTeX

Posted on Thu 06 November 2014 in IT • Tagged with unicode

There's a character called a "swung dash", which is like a long, gently wavy hyphen. In Unicode it's U+2053, and if your font supports it, it might look like ⁓. In some fonts it looks a bit flat, I think.

I was asked recently to implement one in LaTeX. Checking …

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PHP and Unicode

Posted on Thu 16 October 2014 in IT • Tagged with php, python, unicode

In my last post about the testing goat I mentioned there's now an official Unicode codepoint for "GOAT", U+1F410.

At the time, I tried typing it in. Under Linux you just press ctrl-shift-u (you'll see an underlined letter u), type the hex digits for the code you want, press …

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